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Close to the sea and near the mountain ……


Of ancient origin, it is believed it was founded by the Pelasgians.
Inhabited by the Piceni, as evidenced by numerous archaeological finds, it was later conquered by the Romans and had a period of great splendor during the Middle Ages, when it became the seat of a bailiff.
In 1039 the Lombard Longino of Azzone donated the land to the Abbey of Farfa and, under the administration of Farfa Abbey, Offida flourished socially-economically and became a free municipality.
In this period began the process of Tombolo needlework which is still practiced and is an element of great interest.
It was later torn apart by infighting between the Baroncelli (Guelphs) and the Boldrini (Ghibellines).
The fight marked the end of the free commune, which came under the dominion of the Roman Catholic Church.
In 1799 Offida was temporarily occupied by the « rebels », in revolt against the French occupation and, in 1860, was one of the first centers of Marche Region to rise up against the papal government.
It gave birth to Beato Bernardo (1604-1694) and Guglielmo Allevi (1834-1896), archaeologist, paleontologist, patriot.

(From the official website of the Province of Ascoli Piceno)



Offida with over 1100 hectares of vineyards, is the town in the province of Ascoli Piceno with the largest vineyard area and one of the first of Marche Region.
In recent years, studies and research on varieties, on production and winemaking techniques, has achieved a quality of wines of great excellence that break into the world of both experts and consumers.
An important event for the wine was the opening in 1999 of the’ Enoteca Regionale in the evocative halls of the former Convent of San Francesco.
Inside the Enoteca, managed by VINEA, you can also do tastings with the help of expert sommeliers.

The most important event is  » Di Vino in Vino »

Events and exhibitions:

The Offida Carnival takes place every year according to a ritual established by tradition. Officially begins on January 17th, the day of St. Anthony, then follow the Domenica degli Amici (literally « Sunday of Friends”), which precedes by two weeks the carnival; the Domenica dei Parenti (literally the « Sunday of Relatives”) a week before the Carnival; the « Veglionissimi » at the Teatro Serpente Aureo, the children masquerade on Giovedì Grasso (Carnival Thursday),
« Lu Bov fint » (literally the Fake Ox) Friday and phantasmagoric parade of « Vlurd » on the last day.
(From the official web site of Offida municipality)

A exhibition for the promotion of local food and wine organized by VINEA in collaboration with Arcigola Slow Food.
It takes place on the first weekend of September.

(From « OFFIDA ITINERARIO TURISTICO », Comune di Offida)

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